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Common errors in investment management

The correct analysis should follow up trading decisions taken within the fair markets. However, maximum retail traders do proportion trading based totally on rumors, speculations, recommendations, or random picks

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Some of the common errors made by buyers:

  • Lack of Patience:

With a view to advantage short-time period returns, humans lose staying power and promote the inventory earlier than they've earned an extensive return.

  • Emotions:

Being emotionally connected to incorrect shares, buyers do now no longer transfer to higher percentages.

  • Lack of understanding:

Inability to pick the right securities to participate in due to a lack of critical awareness.

  • Risk Management:

Investors cannot have the proper danger go back method, resulting in extensive losses for the buyers. Investors cannot have an appropriate risk-go back method that may cause tremendous losses for the traders.

To keep away from such pitfalls, traders want to analyze the markets earlier than trading, and This is less difficult to state than executed. If one is a newbie investor, it's going to, in all likelihood, be very hard for the investor to do it alone. The steerage of a skilled stockbroker assists you in making the proper investments. We at Dealmoney are committed to helping you prevent these blunders and ensure that you make the necessary purchases within the appropriate inventory at the appropriate time. 


Latest Top 10 Performing Funds

Scheme Name NAV on Holdings Returns (%) Fund Manager Rating
Tata Nifty Pvt Bank ETF 112.1161 ₹ 953.7591472 Cr 24.1384707538614% Sailesh Jain 1
ICICI Pru Technology Fund(G) 53.41 ₹ 35414.76052571 Cr 23.1765904789635% Sankaran Naren , Vaibhav Dusad , Priyanka Khandelwal 2
Edelweiss ETF - Nifty Bank 2047.9931 ₹ 72.31 Cr 22.3638817077987% Bhavesh Jain , Hardik Verma 3
SBI-ETF Nifty Bank 202.4212 ₹ 242503.74 Cr 22.2708812094408% Raviprakash Sharma 3
Kotak Banking ETF 205.2306 ₹ 379580.55 Cr 22.2131952311096% Devender Singhal , Satish Dondapati 3
Motilal Oswal Nifty Bank Index Fund-Reg(G) 7.3638 ₹ 4036.5684866 Cr 22.0669674905138% Swapnil P Mayekar 2
Tata Digital India Fund-Reg(G) 13.9041 ₹ 34333.78900578 Cr 19.4938524951637% Meeta Shetty , Rahul Singh 2
Aditya Birla SL Digital India Fund(G) 51.49 ₹ 38115.86 Cr 19.046875% Kunal Sangoi 5
Kotak Small Cap Fund(G) 61.52 ₹ 124241.39 Cr 18.6944214108026% Pankaj Tibrewal 2
Quant Small Cap Fund(G) 38.9382 ₹ 176.1202212 Cr 17.7394878340161% Ankit Pande , Vasav Sahgal , Sanjeev Sharma 1

Scheme Name NAV on Holdings Returns (%) Fund Manager Rating

Scheme Name NAV on Holdings Returns (%) Fund Manager Rating